Acute Care Hospitals 
600 Gresham Dr, Norfolk, Virginia
Phone : (757) 388-3000
About Hospital :
2017-06-08 08:37:18

Rate Unit: PACU
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Sharon Ward
Required to float to other Units?: Yes
EMR System?: Epic
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 2:1 or 3:1
*Overall experience: There is a safety risk when your working short 50% of the time. Management doesn't really care or try to obtain help for the unit. Management rarely appreciate her employees or gives encouragement. Management frowns upon employee continuing education within the establishment. There is a high turnover rate of employment in the unit. Management penalized employees that call in sick with ligament excuses. Overall management needs some people skills adjustments. Employees tend to leave or transfer due to management.
2017-08-24 07:11:07

Rate Unit: Progressive Care
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Ashley Williams
Required to float to other Units?: Yes
EMR System?: Epic
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 5-6:1
*Overall experience: Always understaffed . Management does not help . High turnover rate due to poor management and working conditions. Management blocks employees from advancing in career by giving bad reviews when employees start looking for a new job . Discourages going back to school while working for them . Constantly pushing overtime . Picks favorites . Unprofessional. The list goes on . Worst place to work as a nurse ...I left a year ago and couldn't be happier .
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