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6800 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, Texas
Phone : (972) 969-2000
Website :
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2017-04-15 10:59:19

Rate Unit: NICU
Nurse Manager of Unit?:
Required to float to other Units?: Yes
EMR System?: Cpn, meditech
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 3:1
*Overall experience: Regular staff NOT friendly to travelers
2017-12-23 21:07:14

Rate Unit: ER
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Ryan Scriato
Required to float to other Units?: No
EMR System?: Meditech
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 4+
*Overall experience: The management and the executive's management of this facility are very biased. They are very vindictive. They like making things up in ruining employees reputations when they no longer find them valuable.
2017-12-23 21:07:18

Rate Unit: Cath Lab
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Jeremy Rountree
Required to float to other Units?: Yes
EMR System?: Meditech
Nurse to patient Ratio?:
*Overall experience: This was a very difficult place to work. The management and executive management are very biased and vindictive. They ruined the reputations and careers of those people that they no longer find useful your regardless of the fact that the person they are ruining may be an excellent clinician They make stories up about people they back bite. The Cath Lab is extremely bad At the time I work there they used a lot of travelers who lay allowed to run the unit and talk bad about management but management would also allow them to talk bad about their own employees and in fact cause their own employees to be terminated about falsely. No evidence other than to say that somebody has done something wrong. I would stay away from this hospital any unit because it's the same everywhere you go in the place unless you're one of the In people. And even if you're one of the end people today you could be one of the out people tomorrow so my suggestion is to avoid this place at all cost unless you want to put your reputation and your career at stake
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