Acute Care Hospitals 
600 Grant St, Gary, Indiana
Phone : (219) 886-4601
About Hospital :
2017-07-19 10:37:23

Rate Unit: Telemetry
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Rosemary Meux
Required to float to other Units?: No
EMR System?: Epic
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 5-6:1
*Overall experience: Poorly managed unit with nurses having 4yrs or less experience. Patient ratios are crazy dangerous. Supplies are scarse if any at all. For example no spoons 90% of the time making it difficult at med pass time, no dry erasers for the information boards in the patients room, no pens or pencils for patients to write down questions for physicians,and I could go on bit you get the idea that the basics are lacking. The staff show up when they feel like it often at 7:30 or 7:45 when shift change is at 7:00. CNAs are in the union and do the minimal work required. It's a really bad unit in a really bad place
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