Acute Care Hospitals 
17100 Euclid St, Fountain Valley, California
Phone : (714) 966-7200
About Hospital :
2017-05-17 10:08:32

Rate Unit: ICU
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Susan Kim
Required to float to other Units?: Yes, including med/surg
EMR System?: Cerner
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 1:2
*Overall experience: The facility is falling apart and infested with black mold. Half of the ICU is shut down right now due to aspergilla infestation in the walls. Staff nurses have been getting chronically ill for years. The hospital makes a ton of profit for Tenet Health Network, but no money is invested back into this hospital. No supplies available to do your job (good luck finding a pulse-oximeter or gait belt). Telemetry monitors literally held together with foam tape because the nurses have to fix things themselves. Doctors are incredibly fraudulent. They are dictating that they are seeing patients and charging them for 30 minutes of care "discussing in depth with patient and nurse" without ever being on the unit or seeing the patient. Nephrologists ordering and demanding CRRT be done on comfort measures patients. Doctors refusing to grant DNR orders to terminal patients despite family wishes.
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