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1 Elizabeth Pl, Dayton, Ohio
Phone : (937) 853-1053
Website :
About Hospital :
2017-06-26 15:55:19

Rate Unit: Med/Surg
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Sam Nieves
Required to float to other Units?: Yes
EMR System?: CPSI
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 4:1
*Overall experience: The nurse manager had 0 true nursing experience and was an IT person prior to filling the manager role. They let rogue nurses run the unit and often put patients and nurses in unsafe situations. The inpatient unit was 26 beds technically, but only 10 of the beds were ever really used. The DON, Karen Keller, never addressed any issues either. The pre-op, post-op, and OR were the better managed areas. Still very small though. They had to send labs out through compunet and blood took hours to get through another hospital. Pay was great but call offs happened all the time.
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