Acute Care Hospitals 
5201 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, Texas
Phone : (214) 590-8000
About Hospital :
2017-11-26 18:29:15

Rate Unit: ICU
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Brandy Perez
Required to float to other Units?: yes
EMR System?: Epic
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 2:1
*Overall experience: NeuroICU A short oompa-loompa Bully. She manages her nurse by intimidation. She doesn't allow her staff to ask questions about policy/procedures but instead using a "Because I say so attitude." She is willing to accept accolades for anything positive but will throw a nurse under the bus and roll over them repeated should there be a negative report. She prefers new-graduate staff that are not familiar with their rights or with employment in general. Stay away from the neuroscience ICU unless you enjoy working along side poorly trained staff and working for managers that are not even capable to doing your job at the bedside.
2017-12-25 15:04:20

Rate Unit: ER
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Vivan
Required to float to other Units?: No
EMR System?: Epic
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 4+ to 1
*Overall experience: Assistant managers (ASMs) are great and out in the trenches with staff while upper management sits in their back office, comes out occasionally to tell staff everything they're doing "wrong" then crawls back to their hole. Punitive and toxic work culture. They pick favorites and if you're not one of them- then good luck.
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