Acute Care Hospitals 
11375 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, Florida
Phone : (352) 596-6632
About Hospital :
2017-04-19 21:59:13

Rate Unit: ICU
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Carlos Cardona
Required to float to other Units?: Once in awhile
EMR System?: Meditech
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 1:2 or 1:4 in IMCU
*Overall experience: Amazing unit with a manager that doesn't micromanage. Other hospitals I've been to I didn't even know who the CNO or CEO were but here I see them on the daily. They truly want the work environment to be more like family. It's amazing.
2017-05-10 07:53:43

Rate Unit: Telemetry
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Jennifer
Required to float to other Units?: Yes
EMR System?:
Nurse to patient Ratio?: 1:6
*Overall experience: Bullied! Manager coffee klotched with my bully's. Sent to other unit to get insulin syringe supply while team lead and secretary sat at desk! Denied an insulin witness by a nurse 5 feet away on a personal phone call. Shifts changed constantly. Educated by a nurse educator in the med room in front of 2 other nurses, turns out I had done it right in the first place. No public apology. Attempted to speak to manager a number of times but she was either absent on my shift or had my bullies in her office for coffee. Horrible experience. Have met many nurses who experienced the same or worse.
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