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1111 Ronald Reagan Pky, Avon, Indiana
Phone : (317) 217-3000
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2017-08-14 07:56:51

Rate Unit: OB/GYN
Nurse Manager of Unit?: Marlena Gainey
Required to float to other Units?: Yes
EMR System?: Cerner, Navicare
Nurse to patient Ratio?: Acuity based 1:1 to 4:1
*Overall experience: Overall it has gone from the most wonderful place to work to an okay place to work. Management says your voice counts then doesn't listen. We take call (max of 36hrs in 6 week period), we just started getting floated to ER, ICU, Med Surg as "techs", this has really hurt morale especially as we take call to cover our unit then float to other units that do not have mandatory call. We just started a laborist program which is nice for us but the patients do not always understand that their doctor may not deliver them. We recently changed our acuity to each couplet is a 2 as opposed to 2.66/3.22 (vag/section). This is ridiculous in my opinion. We mostly have to see only IU physicians under our insurance plans, most get the NSA/high deductible plan. Occasionally get small bonuses depending on our budget. We can get double time if our call shifts are also overtime. All nurses assist in surgery, we have CSTs on every shift. We don't always have a patient care assistant on shift. We always have a nurse to catch babies but not always to recover them. We have a level 3 nursery staffed with two nurses. We have a anesthesiologist and pediatrician available on our unit as well as the aforementioned laborist which is amazing. I guess I'm jaded because I hear we are the best then we'll we are going to start taking 4 couplets because that is what everyone else does (umm I though we were better than everyone else).
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